Be Vigilant: Don’t merely accept the Proposed Municipal Tariff Increases

The purpose of this communique (with all rights reserved and without prejudice) is to provide observations and present probing questions as to the application and/ or implementation of the published proposed 2024/25 Tariff Increases. Read the full article here…

Municipal Margins on Eskom Bulk Purchases are 200% to 1300%

With the 2024/25 municipal budgeting process in progress, residents and ratepayers should drive a collaborative action to unpack proposed increases in electricity tariffs, water tariffs, municipal rates, and service fees. Public participation platforms and ward committees are among these but should not be limited to them alone. Business Chambers, Ratepayers Associations, Civic Associations, and individuals […]

Be Vigilant Follow Up

Following the article in the George Herald of 26 October 2023 in which I had raised concerns regarding water tariffs and other matters, George Municipality had not responded to me by 27 October 2023 as indicated that they would. Read the full post here…

Be vigilant… scrutinize your municipal account with a hawk’s eye

Transparency exists when exercising power and authority is made open to interrogation and scrutiny… Be vigilant… scrutinize your municipal account with a hawk’s eye. Have you noticed in your September 23 account from George Municipality that you were billed for 56 days of water usage and are now paying “penalty rates” for water usage? This […]