Provided in collaboration with and

Advising and implementation of business strategy and process design, change enablement (management), e-people management, organisational design, and shared services facilitation.

People Advisory

Advising and implementation in people management (HR) activities addressing – people compliance, recruitment (talent sourcing) and selection reward (remuneration) management, performance management, training, employment relations.

Recruitment & Selection

Through assignment and a consultative process, we match the skills, experience, career passion, and values of candidates with what is important for the client. With this approach we strive to ensure a long and mutually beneficial client-candidate relationship.

E People (HR and SMME) portal

Yimi Lo should be your personal and SMME preferred hosted information application. You have control of your information with easy access through the Yimi Lo website and a unique QR code application. As an individual Yimi Lo is your “personal resume” to present to persons or organisations you wish to share your information with. Organisations (SMME’s) could use Yimi Lo as their “business and people portal” to capture and share agreed information with their people and third parties.