The State of the Nation: Coalitions Options for South Africa

In reading The State of the Nation: Coalitions Options for South Africa by Mike Sham I thought to share a few snippets which are very apt.

As with Business Café conversations, where we aim to bring new thoughts and challenges to the status quo to a representative community, so was this State of the Nation engagement on the 10th of July 2023 with 250 businessmen and businesswomen of which most will be attending the upcoming coalition talks scheduled for mid-August.

Interesting observations by Mike Shame are:

  1. “In my interaction with politicians through the State of the Nation, I have come to realise just how easy it is for politicians to get removed from the issues that matter to voters…”
  2. “Our politicians need to face real people not supporters in a stadium. They need to get instant feedback from the people who pay taxes…”
  3. “The politicians, on the other hand, were mediocre at best…”
  4. “I think that this group of leaders understands the gravity of the problem and will put their pettiness behind them…”
  5. “The real question is whether this will resonate with more than 50% of the voting public…”

I will be sharing our planned Conversation agenda for the remainder of the year with you during the next new 2 weeks.

Keep well.

Dr Dennis V Farrell

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